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Herlinda Lopez
At the Makapu'u Lighthouse Lookout

Garden Suites

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Before being an innkeeper, Herlinda was a sailor and navigator, a dietitian, bicycle mechanic, and graphic designer. A native San Franciscan, those closest to her know she loves being in nature and discovering new places. Favorite past times include gardening, travel, soaking in a remote hot spring, and rainy day sessions.

Early memories as an inner-city kid were of trying to figure out how she could get her little-kid-self into nature. Not old enough to drive, she would just take off—on the bus, on her bike, or on foot. If she wasn't hiking to and camping in places she should not have been, she was exploring someplace too far from home for a teenage girl on her own.

Thankfully, she survived her youth.

After graduating from SFSU, Herlinda taught herself celestial navigation and embarked upon a sailing voyage that took her across the Pacific Ocean. Starting in San Diego, she arrived two years later in Darwin, Australia after having visited many Pacific Island groups along the way (the Marquesas, French Polynesia, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia). She was so smitten with New Zealand that she ended up living there for seven years, during which time she got a job with Apple and began her 25-year career in graphic design.

After having lived in so many beautiful places, Herlinda has chosen to settle in Waimanalo because, as she says "the ocean and mountains take my breath away each and every day," adding "and I love sharing it with my guests."